Bespoke 3-day Retreats devoted to you and your healing - reserved for clients who‘ve already worked with Sarah in previous sessions and retreats.

1:1 immersion retreats

This session includes 1 Hour of working together. In addition to coaching methods that can support your intentions of healing & soul growth, this session may contain meditation, guided self-healing, intuitive readings, and other practices that can help you integrate even deeper healing and self-discovery.

1:1 sessions

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Weeklong retreats for women to explore their holistic healing and expand their spiritual growth with like-hearted sisters from around the world 

group retreats

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Tune in from the cozy comfort of your own home for themed women’s day retreats twice a month - each one includes ceremonies, meditation, guided self-healing practices, and spiritual journeys that will help you reconnect with yourself and add a boost of real-life magic to your every day long after the experience

virtual day retreats

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