Whether you're curious to try out unique ways of connecting with your healing and soul growth, want to explore different parts of the world in retreats with a group of like-hearted sisters, or strive to be the truest version of you but feel blocked on your journey...

Our work together can help you ✔ root deeper into your soul growth, ✔ find ease-ier ways to heal yourself that have endless possibility, ✔ feel more at home in your body by re-connecting with it through courageous vulnerability and self-love, and ✔ reclaim your natural, soulful essence in every part of your daily life

holding space for you to heal, grow, & celebrate the soul-led woman you are

- kendall, west virginia

"This work with Sarah was incredibly empowering and uplifting. I was able to come to a safe space to work through some of my deepest and darkest parts and feel fully supported to do so. For the first time in my life I feel more like myself, and I'm excited to continue moving forward with my intentions, growth, and spirituality."

- juanita, wisconsin

"This experience was nothing short of magical. If you are thinking of working with sarah on any level hesitate no more. She makes it easy and comfortable and puts you at ease immediately!"

- naomi, colorado

"It is a blessing to find a facilitator who is so loving and open-hearted and also so on top of her game! Sarah was thoughtful in her preparation and graceful in her facilitation. She held space in such a beautiful manner. I feel more depth, presence, and clarity because of the work we did together."

- mariah, washington

"Working with Sarah has been a great pleasure and very transformative. She is exceedingly knowledgeable and her proficiency as a teacher keeps her at the top of my list of go-to people when I need results. you can be assured that she puts in 100% effort. she is truly a gem and I'm so blessed to have found her."

- brittney, ohio

"this has really helped with taking back my sexual power and how I view intimacy with myself and my partners. It's helped me to look at myself and think 'YOU ARE SEXY AND POWERFUL AND CAPABLE OF BEING LOVED THE RIGHT WAY.' My heart is so filled with joy and healing and hope. I am learning to love and appreciate myself in a whole new way."

- shelby, nevada

"Even during the raw and heavy, I felt heard and loved. I feel incredibly empowered and even more in tune with my body and emotions after this! It was everything I never knew I needed!"

- laurel, arizona

"This experience has given me the opportunity to show up for myself in a way that I never have before. This has given me clarity and more focus with tangible ways I can achieve my wildest dreams. I am so grateful."

What past clients have to say