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Q: I'm new to yoni work and soul stuff, is this work for me?

A: You're welcome here whether you're simply curious, wanting to begin a deeper healing & spiritual path, or are already advanced in your process. This is a space to come and find support on your journey when you feel called to it, so trust that calling. As long as you're able to lean on yourself and realize that what you get out of this depends on how vulnerable you're willing to be with yourself, you can rest assured that you don't have to be anywhere special along your path in order to make the most of it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know if I'll be comfortable doing guided yoni work?

A: If you're comfortable talking about deprogramming outdated beliefs about being a woman, hearing the terms cumming/squirting, healing ancestral and archetypal wounds around sexuality and shame, intimately touching yourself (cameras off) on your own terms, and you have a foundation within you built on self-regulation, this IS for you. Please know it's not about being "enough" of anything - doing this work is a growing edge in itself.  It's about knowing you're ready to support yourself in this. You're perfect for this if you know you can be there for yourself while wanting to explore and expand your growing edges.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I've tried a lot on my healing journey. How can you guarantee working with you will change everything for me?

A: Let's be as real here, love: I can't guarantee anything will be *the* thing that changes your life forever, and it would be unrealistic for me to say everyone here will experience that big shift or "click" they're seeking deep down. Each of our journeys are so unique and it takes trying different things to find what works for us. The only game-changer I can promise here is that you'll have tried potentially forever life-changing ways of connecting with yourself, and you'll find out if it's something you want to keep working with going forward - which is extremely valuable! If it is something you feel called to continue working with, the possibilities with it really are limitless.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are live sessions like?

A: Our live 1:1 Sessions are on Zoom and they're for you to come for insight, guidance, resources, and support for your journey. In yoni work sessions, you'll also receive wholistic yoni healing guidance. Every session is unique because it's specifically tailored to your intention for that precise moment in your life.  Practices can include meditation, breath work, somatic release and healing, as well as breast/womb massage and yoni massage (you'll turn your camera off to maintain self-intimacy during these practices).  I also make sure we have plenty of time post-practice to process and integrate together whatever came up for you in session and help you build a plan on how you can best move forward, whether that's deeper work or using some practices in your own time!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I've had a hysterectomy, can I still do yoni healing work?

A: Absolutely, and please know you have a powerful medicine that can be shared here. Wholistic Yoni Healing with me isn't just related to the physical womb, but also the energetic womb we all hold within us.  Our energetic womb is a major component to our lives and should be worked with just as tenderly and compassionately. If you've booked a session and you're feeling called to it, please let me know if you've had a hysterectomy so we can help you connect with the energetic wombspace more!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I've experienced sexual trauma?

A: My heart is with you, and I'm with you. My own sexual trauma is a big reason I was called deeper into this work to begin with. If you've experienced sexual trauma, you're welcome here with informed consent: Working with me is not an initial trauma recovery nor is it medical or psychological therapy; I am not a doctor, counselor, or psychological therapist/mental health specialist. I'm an experienced trauma-informed teacher and mentor who's healed sexual trauma within myself. I'll work with women who've experienced sexual trauma because they feel in their core they are fully ready for deeper healing and reconnection with their bodies and sexuality after doing a lot of healing work already. Many of them have supplemented the work they do in psychotherapy with the work we've done together too. Whether you're presently still in an active trauma-response or not, please be aware that it's possible trauma can and may resurface in this work. While this work can help you on your trauma healing journey, it does not offer medical or psychological support. I always recommend you seek medical/ psychological support if you need it while working with me.

Frequently asked questions

Q:Is this an inclusive space for all women?

A: While I will cheer on and celebrate all women always, because of the nature of this work it's required that all clients both identify as women and are yoni-havers.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: There are no refunds for any of my offerings. If you're on a payment plan you are required to make all scheduled payments in full. Check in with yourself before you hit that sign up button, love: take a deep breath and listen to your body, ask for signs, meditate, pull some cards if you need to. Trust your inner calling if this is right for you right now, then say yes.  You can find more info on refunds on my terms & conditions page here.

Frequently asked questions