portland, oregon

march 22-27, 2024

the heart & womb retreat


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new england 2022


inner witch healing

sedona 2021


soul sister adventure

asheville 2023


feminine rewilding


sedona 2023


2nd soul sister adventure

- jessica, sedona 2021

"Thank you so much for putting together this Sedona trip! This trip was truly life-changing and these are memories I will treasure always. It opened me up so much! I loved every moment and found so much peace and healing here."

- kristen, sedona 2021

"Thank you for this trip. We have been able to do so many amazing things that just take my breath away. I am excited to see where our travels lead us next."

- rebekah, sedona 2021

"I saw your post for this trip and just knew I had to go. I knew you could provide me with the tools to guide me. This retreat has been one of the most incredible experiences for me. I just feel alive, full of purpose and intent, and free. "

- becky, sedona 2021

"I can't believe I contemplated going on this women's retreat. Each day has been nothing short of amazing! It's all encompassing to our growth as women and motivation to us all moving forward. All aspects of the trip have helped me tremendously and I can't thank you enough."

- clara, sedona 2021

"Thank you so so much for such an amazing and unforgettable retreat! It's really helped me see some things more clearly and start to envision and plan what I want for myself and my life."

- moani, new england 2022

"Thank you for this soul-shaking experience and for giving all of us a space to expand in our healing process. From the moment we committed to this - we all knew this would change us forever. Learning and growing together in this experience has been life changing."

- clara, new england 2022

"Thank you again for another incredible retreat! This week has been amazing and had such a perfect flow...I really felt connected to the ancestral and inner witch healing...as always, your guided meditations and readings were incredibly impactful. I'm so glad I came, and look forward to the next!"

- rebekah, new england 2022

"In Sedona['s Retreat]...I was cracked wide open. My entire perspective on life shifted that week. This retreat, I came in with intentions, wounds to heal, and an open-mind ready to learn and expand. I'm leaving this retreat feeling light, abundant, and full of gratitude. There are not enough words of gratitude and appreciation to give you."

- vicky, new england 2022

"Thank you for having the bravery to hold space for all of us this past week. I came knowing I would support my friend, learn from others, and experience and cultivate the expansiveness that is my being. I was able to expand support and share. thank you for providing the space for that growth."

- clara, asheville 2023

"this asheville retreat has been incredible! from scenic drives through the misty mountains, to hiking into beautiful nature, to showering in a waterfall, bathing naked in hot springs, and screaming into waterfalls, this week was a powerful time to re-wild and reconnect with both nature and myself. thank you for everything!"

- devon, asheville 2023

"The asheville retreat has been such a lovely experience. my maine intention for this week was to connect deeper with myself and i feel i've done just that. integrating back into the day to day, i want to bring this feeling of ease and peace. thank you so, so much for everything!"

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