march 22-27, 2024
portland oregon

the heart & womb retreat

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who this is for

Any woman on her healing & spiritual path who wants to immerse herself in the rejuvenating nature around Portland, Oregon while learning how to connect with the healing energy of her heart and both her physical & energetic wombs while experiencing deep, slow self-love

March 22-27, 2024
during Spring Equinox season and the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse when deepening the authentic relationship with ourselves, finding balance, and an overall rebirth are supported the most


5 Nights Accommodation at Private Retreat Home
Daily Meals
PDX Airport Pick Up (22nd at 5pm) & Drop Off (27th at 2pm)
Ground Transportation
Yoga and Meditation
Daily Hiking and Nature Immersions
Visits to Multnomah Falls, Ecola State Park, Silver Springs State Park, and Mt. Hood
Sacred Water Ceremony
Private Womb Healing Sessions with Energy Therapy and Bodywork
Group Service to give back to the Land

what's included

Airfare to/from Portland Int'l Airport (PDX)
Travel insurance
Snacks and Alcohol

what's not included

tentative schedule

Day Four | March 25
Waterfall Hike at Silver Springs SP
Rebirth Water Ceremony
Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony
Private 1:1 Womb Healing Sessions


March 22-27, 2024

$500 Deposit to save your spot

Payment Plan Options:
Deposit + $2355 paid in full
Deposit + $383 x 6 months
Deposit + $786 x 3 months
Deposit + Create your own plan: Pay $500 to save your spot and break the remaining balance into payments that work for you

Once you have reserved your spot with your deposit, you’ll be invoiced for your Payment Plan if applicable. All plans are due in full no later than March 10, 2024.

Have questions? See the FAQ below, and feel free to reach out to

Reconnect with yourself and Uncover the wholistic connection between your Heart & Womb. this week is for you to experience a gentle, slow self-love in the forests, waterfalls, and coast of Oregon all together in a group of like-hearted sisters supporting each other’s healing & growth

Day One | March 22
PDX Airport Pick Up 5pm
Check into Retreat Home
Welcome Dinner
Group Altar Set Up
Intention Meditation
Opening Ceremony

Day Two | March 23
Hiking at Multnomah Falls
Earth Heart & Womb Meditation
Energy Healing Circle
Guided Candlelit Womb Massage
Light Yin Yoga

Day Three | March 24
Visit to Ecola State Park on Oregon Coast
somatic Heart Healing Practice
on the Beach
Private 1:1 Womb Healing Sessions
Sound Bath
Light Yin Yoga

Day Five | March 26
Visit to Mt. Hood
Group Service to the Land
Higher Self Mountain Meditation
Explore Downtown Portland
Farewell Dinner
Closing Ceremony

Day Six | March 27
Check Out
Group Land Offerings
Lunch in Downtown Portland
PDX Airport Drop Off 2pm



you'll be picked up from the airport and transported to our retreat home at 5pm portland time on march 22, 2024.

What time is the airport pick up at portland Int'l Airport (pdx)?

You'll arrive at the airport by 2pm portland time on march 27, 2024.

What time is the airport drop off at PDX on departure day?

Our private retreat home will be in the Portland area, perfectly located to immerse ourselves in the forests, chase world-famous waterfalls, view towering mountains, and walk on the misty coast of Oregon.  you'll have your own bedroom with a shared bath, but you can request to share a room with a friend (please do so on your registration form).

What's our accommodation like?

YES! ANd please know you have a special medicine to share here with everyone. we're born with both an energetic and physical womb and each practice we do will intentionally be working with both/either of them.  you can gain so much here by learning how to reconnect with your energetic womb and work with her power to cultivate deeper healing and spiritual growth.

what if i've had my physical womb removed? is this still for me?

The spiritual aspects of this Retreat are related to yoga, meditation, and deep soul exploration and expansion, especially when it comes to recognizing the spiritual connection of our heart and womb and honoring the land we'll be on. It's not religious by any means and you get to decide how deeply you go with each experience. All activities are voluntary and you get to choose what you want to do to make sure this Retreat serves you.

How spiritual will we be getting on this trip?

Chances are high that the women who've felt called to this and are coming are similar to you in heart and mind. This Retreat is limited in guests to be sure you will get plenty of time and space to connect with everyone. A smaller group like this ensures sisterhood is created!

What will the group be like? Will I be lost in the crowd or will I get to develop connection?

  • clothes you'll feel comfy hiking in, including some light outerwear
  • Your reusable water bottle
  • towel for outdoor meditation use
  • Sunglasses/hat, sunscreen
  • backpack and Closed-toe shoes for hiking (boots or tennis shoes)
  • Rain jacket or umbrella
  • And a small personal first aid kit to keep in your bag (just in case!)

What do I need to bring?

All payments and plans are due in full by march 10, 2024.

When are full payments due?

Due to the nature of this event,
there will be no refunds.

Do you offer refunds?


Sarah helps women heal wholisitically through integrative therapy, tantra yoga, and women's wellness practices. She's the founder of Elemental Yoni Healing™, leads retreats for women all around the world, and hosts the Her Ascension Story podcast. She started her professional career in 2016 in Sedona, Arizona as a trained integrative therapist and spiritual coach and since then has expanded her training in tantra yoga and women's healing. She loves creating opportunities for women to check the pressure of the world at the door and dive deeper into themselves while exploring new, soulful experiences. She carries the intention to hold space for your greatest homecomings and looks forward to welcoming you into this sacred container of sisterhood, healing, and growth!

Sarah during a wolf sanctuary visit on the 1st Annual Soul Sister Sedona Retreat in 2021

meet sarah tillemont

- rebekah, sedona 2021

"I saw your post for this trip and just knew I had to go. I knew you could provide me with the tools to guide me. This retreat has been one of the most incredible experiences for me. I just feel alive, full of purpose and intent, and free. "

- jessica, sedona 2021

"Thank you so much for putting together this Sedona trip! This trip was truly life-changing and these are memories I will treasure always. It opened me up so much! I loved every moment and found so much peace and healing here."

- kristen, sedona 2021

"Thank you for this trip. We have been able to do so many amazing things that just take my breath away. I am excited to see where our travels lead us next."

- becky, sedona 2021

"I can't believe I contemplated going on this women's retreat. Each day has been nothing short of amazing! It's all encompassing to our growth as women and motivation to us all moving forward. All aspects of the trip have helped me tremendously and I can't thank you enough."

- clara, sedona 2021

"Thank you so so much for such an amazing and unforgettable retreat! It's really helped me see some things more clearly and start to envision and plan what I want for myself and my life."

- moani, new england 2022

"Thank you for this soul-shaking experience and for giving all of us a space to expand in our healing process. From the moment we committed to this - we all knew this would change us forever. Learning and growing together in this experience has been life changing."

- clara, new england 2022

"Thank you again for another incredible retreat! This week has been amazing and had such a perfect flow...I really felt connected to the ancestral and inner witch always, your guided meditations and readings were incredibly impactful. I'm so glad I came, and look forward to the next!"

- rebekah, new england 2022

"In Sedona['s Retreat]...I was cracked wide open. My entire perspective on life shifted that week. This retreat, I came in with intentions, wounds to heal, and an open-mind ready to learn and expand. I'm leaving this retreat feeling light, abundant, and full of gratitude. There are not enough words of gratitude and appreciation to give you."

- vicky, new england 2022

"Thank you for having the bravery to hold space for all of us this past week. I came knowing I would support my friend, learn from others, and experience and cultivate the expansiveness that is my being. I was able to expand support and share. thank you for providing the space for that growth."

- clara, asheville 2023

"this asheville retreat has been incredible! from scenic drives through the misty mountains, to hiking into beautiful nature, to showering in a waterfall, bathing naked in hot springs, and screaming into waterfalls, this week was a powerful time to re-wild and reconnect with both nature and myself. thank you for everything!"

- devon, asheville 2023

"The asheville retreat has been such a lovely experience. my main intention for this week was to connect deeper with myself and i feel i've done just that. integrating back into the day to day, i want to bring this feeling of ease and peace. thank you so, so much for everything!"

What past retreat participants have to say